I'm Chengjian. I do research in mathematics, in particular the area of differential geometry.


  • Researches

    Calabi-Yau manifold

    Accomplished papers:

    (with Cristiano Spotti, Song Sun) Existence and deformations of Kahler-Einstein metrics on smoothable Q-Fano varietieshttp://arxiv.org/abs/1411.1725, To appear in Duke Math Journal.


    Continuity Method to Deform Cone Angle. The Journal of Geometric Analysis, 1-18(2015).


    Existence of Weak Conical Kahler-Einstein Metrics Along Smooth Hypersurfaces. Mathematische Annalen, Volume 362, Issue 3, 1287-1304(2015).

    bubble off

    On-going project joint with Joel FINE:

    The flow of closed definite triples on a 4-manifold could be interpreted as a special case of the G2 Laplacian flow on a 7-manifold. It is expected that these flows will behave more likely to Kahler-Ricci flow rather than the general Ricci flow. Together with Joel FINE, we are trying to understand the long-time existence of this flow under the condition of bounded torsion tensor. One of the crucial things is to understand the structure of the bubbles coming from rescaled limits at the finite singular time.

  • Studying notes

    A little note about Perelman's reduced length and reduced volume

    A note about the automorphism groups of some singular cubic surfaces

    Gasoline and Circuit problem




    Viterbi Endowed Postdoctoral Fellow at MSRI

    Jan 2016- May 2016

    As a postdoctoral fellow at MSRI. I will be attending the term-long differential geometry program at Berkeley.

    Chercheur Postdoc at U.L.B.

    June 20, 2015 - Present

    I am postdoc working in the department of mathematics, at Universite Libre de Bruxelles. I am currently working on a "geometric flow" problem that tries to deform a closed definite triple on a 4-manifold to a HyperKahler triple. My research interests also include the canonical metric in Kahler geometry, such as Kahler-Einstein metrics and constant scalar curvature Kahler metric.

    Graduate study in Stony Brook University

    2012- 2015, Stony Brook University (PhD in mathematics).


    Then, I moved to Stony Brook for three years, where finally I obtained my PhD in mathematics.

    Graduate study in UW-Madison

    2009- 2012, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

    My first institution in US is UW Madison, where I have a beautiful and nice memory. 

    University of Science and Technology of China

    BA Mathematics, 2005-2009